Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday Girl

Last August 17, I just turned 20. Aww, farewell teenage years :( Say hello to a more mature Rhea! ( well, hopefully! ) ‘cause I guess I’ll be forever
young at heart, but what I meant by mature is someone who’s wiser and more responsible. Hooray! J but on the downside, I feel so old already.. huhu! I remember when I was just 19, there were a lot of instances when people would ask me how old I am, I would always tell them I'm 18, then suddenly a few seconds after responding my mind would remember that I'm already 19, oops! And now that I’m 20, though it’s not yet sinking in.. ( haha ) hopefully, I won't accidentally lie to people about my age. Anyway, being 20 isn’t so bad afterall. I’m hoping to get more of my freedom from my parents ( Hi mom and dad, if you’re reading this post hehe ) and more exciting adventures/ happenings this year! J It’s just really crazy to think that an entire year has passed by so fast. It seems like yesterday I just had my debut. haha! :)

I celebrated my birthday with my family ( ofcourse ), relatives, and some really great friends! I had dinner at Romulo’s with my HS barkada and a few close friends in college. So so happy I get to see my High School bffs again! It’s been forever since I last saw them. I really missed them soo much. :( Chatting with them that night made me feel nostalgic about all the memories we shared in High School where we just get to see each other everyday and gossip about so many things over lunch. Though the time was super short, I’m just happy to have spent it with them. :) Thank you dad, mom and auntie mommy for making this possible! Wouldn't have spent my birthday any other way. :)

Thank you to everyone who greeted me through text, call, Facebook, Twitter, IG and in person. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Thank you to my dearest family and friends for always being there for me and for celebrating my birthday with me and for all the irreplaceable gifts. Thank you to my special someone (you know who you are ) for surprising me on my birthday. I love everything about it! Thank you for making me happy. :) Thank You, almighty God for all the bountiful blessings and for giving me another wonderful year. Yes, another long year and another number added to my age and I’m so grateful that I’ll be spending more days with my loves! <3

Zara floral top | Petit Monde skater skirt | Kate Spade sling bag| Nine West shoes


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