Thursday, October 9, 2014

Morning Bliss

Missing summer days where I just wake up worrying about nothing. School’s giving me so much stress and workload lately. Unending exams, readings, homework and cases everyday! Ughhhh!! I just wish I could...
fast forward time to Christmas break already. Huhu :( On a brighter note, I know that I'm not alone in this. My block mates feel the same way. So how do I cope up with stress? Simple, I blog! :) Blogging, in a way helps me balance school stress. Whenever I feel like I'm so drained from studying already, I grab my laptop, sit comfortably on my bed, and work on a few blog posts like this! I don't know why, but it really makes me feel so much better and motivated afterwards! When I finally feel motivated again, I pause from blogging and get back to studying and focus on it 'til I finish. Yay! :) What about you guys? Whatever it is that keeps you motivated to keep learning - eating good food, drinking alcohol, shopping, reading your favorite book or watching a nice series or a movie, I hope you do it 'cause I know how hard it is to stay engaged into studying once motivation worns-off. So again, here's the tip: Don't forget to stay motivated, ayt? :)

Have a beautiful and blissful morning everyone! :)

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