Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Substance Over Style

Do you ever wonder why there are no clocks installed in any part of the malls? Do you often complain about why there aren't chairs where you can chill for a while if you’re tired of shopping except for those inside the restaurants? The answer is crystal clear. The mall owners simply
don’t want you to stop shopping! Clocks aren’t found inside malls so you wouldn’t mind checking on what time it is. Chairs aren’t ubiquitous so you won’t be enticed to rest for a while.

And so if you’re up for a non-stop shopping and strolling around the malls, here are a few tips:

(1) Wear comfortable clothes. Let the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

(2) Since you’d be strolling around for hours, you should opt to wear flats instead of high heels so you wouldn’t bother getting tired too soon. 

(3) Bring a shopping tote. This would save you from all the big packaging of stores out there. You can just put them inside one bag and fold the paper bags you got. 

(4) Try to minimize your jewelry and accessories. You aren’t in malls on the purpose of flaunting them. You are there to shop! Those tiny sparkling things might just be a distraction.

Hope these simple tips somehow helped! Happy shopping! :)

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