Thursday, November 27, 2014

Young and Sweet

Last Friday, I was given complimentary tickets to go to Apollo Music Festival. This is the first time I get to experience such and I can say that I did had a blast. Who would't enjoy watching a concert for free? A lot of
food stalls were also there - Starr's Milkshake, Hunger Buster, etc. I ate salpicao with rice for dinner and drank my favourite milkshake from Starr's. There were also unlimited iced tea from Nestea and ice cream care of Nestle. Amazing isn't it? Forgive me for talking about food too much 'cause just like you, I'm a foodie too :) ( just you wait for my future food posts here on my blog hehe :) ) Anyway, so when I got invited to Apollo, the first thing that came to my mind was every girl's fashion dilemma: What to wear??? And after hours of searching in my closet, I finally found an outfit that could almost be called "perfect." Okay, I must admit it was a big mistake wearing those high heels to Circuit Makati. It made me look over-dressed; nevertheless, I managed it through. So the next time I'm going to a music festival, I'd prepare my sneakers days before and they'd surely save my night!

Style Siren by Andrea pink chiffon top | Clothepedia polka-floral vintage skirt | Juicy Couture gold heart necklace | BCBG purse | Aldo bangles | Stradivarius high-heels |


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