Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Elegant in White

There's always this rush of excitement when going to special events and occasions, especially for us girls. We are ten times thrilled to prepare than boys and that includes of course finding the perfect outfit suitable for the occasion. Getting dolled up and dressed to the nines for my sister's debut, I know we made a right decision in trusting once again the avant-garde Joey Samson.
Tito Joey is one of my favorite fashion designers, because he can deliver what he promises or even exceed your expectations. With him, you'll be sure to get what you pay for. :>

Embellished in silver beads and sewn skillfully in a labor-intense fashion, I am in love with every detail of this gown. <3 I remember when Tito Joey showed us several sketches of different gowns from where we can choose a design we like, and taking a look at each sketch one by one, my eyes landed unto this particular sketch, and I told Tito Joey, "This is what I want."Right from that moment, I already envisioned myself in that ravishing gown. I caught myself in a daydream, mesmerizing the beauty of it. And true to my presumption, Tito Joey and his team made the sketch come to life! :) Since I've always worn a pink custom-made gown - in different shades only, this time I wanted to try something different - and that leads me to wearing a white-colored gown. I think that the whole thing creates a dreamy look and not only does it make you look beautiful, but also look classy and elegant at the same time. Do you agree? :> If you don't, then I advice you to keep browsing and looking at the pictures, until you are convinced. HAHA just kidding! :))

Thinking out loud? haha! :)

Below are snapshots of my sisters in an exquisite Joey Samson creation as well. Challenge: Guess who the real debutante is! ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! <3

Hair: Carell Garcia
Make-up: Cj Cuison; assisted by Carlos Casiguiran
Photography: Redfox; post-processing by ME :)


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