Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stripe A Pose: 8 Ways on How to Strike a Blogger Pose

We all have that moment of striking a range of poses throughout a shoot and then end up with hundreds of awkward pictures feeling unphotogenic. Sadly, our poses have a way of looking awkward in photos. The harder we try, the more awkward it becomes. Life right? But that's okay, you're not alone believe me! I guess it's just normal and everyone gets to experience that. After all, nailing the right pose is not as easy as it looks. There's always an art to working the best pose and it takes a little practice. For some, it's all about looking effortlessly and natural in front of the camera, while for the others (talking about professional models) they have already mastered the art of posing. Up until now, I still feel awkward doing poses in front of the camera, and I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way which is why I decided to share with you guys a few blogger poses, so that the next time you snap your photos you'd feel a little less awkward and be more comfortable striking your poses. ;)

1. The Cross Leg

2. The Look Down

3. The Fake Laugh

4. The Casual Lean

5. The Look Away

6. The Signature Hand On Hip

7. The Sideways

8. The Bended Knee

What do you guys think? Hope this post can somehow help you feel comfortable and confident the next time you pose in front of the camera and do a shameless #ootd :> 

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