Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Corporate Chic

Back to the old grind! How I missed blogging and the blogosphere (lol) :( Thankful that I now have the time to share new posts with you guys. Yay!

Since I will be graduating in a few months from my course, BS Business Administration in UP Diliman, this post is about how to "dress for success" or in other words, how to pull off a corporate attire while still looking suitably chic and fab!
This might not seem so important for you, but trust me if you're considering to work for the corporate world in the future it does matter a lot! I have attended several talks about how to land on your first job and dressing up is always one of their highlights. That's because like everyone else, the first thing these employers would notice is your appearance, more specifically, the way you are dressed. Here's the thing:You have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression. Chances are, those who come across polished and appropriately dressed are more likely to be hired than those who did not make an effort to look nice. Also, don't forget to BE YOURSELF. Know your style and feel confident about it so that you can pull your look together with ease! :)

You might have noticed that the outfit I wore here is very minimalistic. Multiple accessories and bright colours are reserved for an evening out with my friends. So what do you think of this look? Hired or wired? Comments are appreciated. ;)

Photography by: Stephen Capuchino

Hair & Make-up by: Kim Santiago 

Hip Culture green blazer | Uniqlo white top  Bershka black skirt