Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love At First Sight: The Dessert Kitchen

Once in your life you've wondered, "Is love at first sight really possible?" Some people believe in it while others do not. If you're gonna ask me what's my take, I'd say I believe in love at first sight, but it also pays to take a second look. But wait, there's an exception because when it comes to food especially desserts, there are no doubts, no second thoughts, no need for second glances. And yes, love at first sight literally is possible in FOOODDD!!! I really enjoy eating and checking out new restaurants (even if it doesn't show physically haha) but yeah, it's actually the main reason why I together with my brothers, cousin, and two other friends started a burger joint located at Taft, which I will be blogging soon (wait for itt!) So anyway, my point here is that when it comes to food, I ain't taking that second look. HAHA!

My love at first sight
Last Wednesday, February 3, 2016, I attended the VIP Opening of The Dessert Kitchen. Brought by the curators of Lugang Café and Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie, which both gave us authentic Chinese and HongKong cuisines, The Dessert Kitchen (TDK) is another international franchise that introduces light, innovative, and high quality desserts. Being a girl who's fond of sugar and sweets, I couldn't say no to this special invitation. Kurt and I went there straight from our schools.

was lucky enough to meet the super humble owner of TDK
Ms. Liz Uy and other celebrities graced the event too!

Just seeing this menu made us feel so giddy! With the wide selection of healthy desserts (which I didn't expect), we had a hard time choosing which ones to order. They all seem so delicious making us want to try everything on the menu. (Add up the factor that we haven't eaten our dinner yet, so it was a dessert-for-dinner kind of night.)

TDK Front Kitchen

After making up our minds, we finally came to decide which desserts to try: 

Romantic Valentine Parfait (P258)
The first thing we tried was the Romantic Valentine Parfait. As Valentine's is fast approaching I think that this dessert perfectly describes the occasion - sweet, crazy and beautiful! I realized that unlike other dessert spots, TDK's desserts are flavourful and filled with lots of toppings. Say for example this low-fat ice cream contains pistachio crust, peanuts, and lots of strawberries and cornflakes underneath which made me enjoy every single bite of it!

Sakura Warabi (Php 168)
When this was served to us, it was too pretty to eat, I thought. - A sakura-flavored jelly flanked by brown sugar paste, red beans, Sakura mochi and soy bean powder. I don't eat red beans so I only ate the jelly and the mochi balls haha Kurt was the one who ate the others so as not to waste them. I love how this dessert is light, healthy, and it isn't too sweet. Feels like not eating a dessert at all.

Cocoa Kiss Sundae (Php 168)
According to Kurt, this was his favourite from all the desserts we've tried so far. He's not a chocolate lover so I got sort of startled when I heard him say that this was his favourite. I guess that it was probably because the homemade ice cream was generously served with lots of fruits and fillings like cocoa crisps, banana, chocolate pearls, and coffee jelly so it was not so concentrated on the bittersweet taste of chocolate. 

Strawberry Flavored Taiwan Style Shaved Ice
My love-affair with shaved ice began when I was still in High School and right after class, my barkada and I would buy the Filipino ice scramble. But I tell you, this isn't your typical shaved ice, as this dessert was a hundred times better than scramble! This strawberry shaved ice is just an absolute delight I would surely go back for.

Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk (Php 128)
This Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk for me puts a balance between all of the desserts we ordered. This authentic Chinese dessert can actually be likened to our very own champorado - creamy, sweet and a little savoury making it a great dessert — or breakfast.

Classic Eggettes (Php 258)
TDK's Classic Eggettes or egg waffles are temptingly delicious with either sweet or savoury toppings and fillings that are beautifully plated. This dessert is different from the rest in such a way that it tastes a little bit salty and gives only a faint brush of sweetness.

TDK's spread of "light desserts" assures us of a guilt-free but satisfying dessert experience. Did you know that their desserts are both low in sugar and fat content? This makes our sweet tooth happy without having to worry about gaining some extra pounds! ;)

Our pictures above goes to show how much we enjoyed all the desserts we ordered! To my surprise, we actually finished everything. Call us PG or Patay Gutom but I swear, they were all soooo good! My top 3 favourites are the Romantic Valentine Parfait, Cocoa Kiss Sundae, and Strawberry Flavored Taiwanese Shaved Ice. I will definitely be back soon to try the other desserts on the menu!

Visit them at 3rd Level of Rockwell PowerPlant Mall, Makati City. (They are open daily from 11:00am to 9:00pm.) Their flagship branch certainly presents the perfect setting to delight not just couples, but families, friends, and workmates who are all in for an exciting dessert experience! I believe this is only the start of a beautiful journey of love. <3 (cheesy!)


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