Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#ColorYourMood with Freshlook and Air Optix Colors

At a special event last Sunday (July 10) in Robinsons Manila Activity Center, Alcon, a global leader in Eyecare, welcomed Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes as AIR OPTIX Colors’ and FreshLook’ s newest ambassadors respectively. Kathryn and Julia graced us their presence with a focus on engaging us (contact lens users) the importance of proper contact lens use and care. This includes replacing our contact lenses regularly, using the right lens care solutions, and visiting our eye care professionals for regular follow-up. Ever since I started using contact lenses, I was aware of the risk of eye infection that comes along with it, which is why I always follow proper lens care guidelines as prescribed by my eye doctor. For years, I carried the responsibility of wearing and caring for contact lenses to avoid getting infections and serious eye problems. During the #ColorYourMood event, I was yet again reminded by Kathryn and Julia that we should take care of our contact lenses just as how we take good care of our eyes. 

I seldom use colored contact lenses, but when I do I use only the brand that I trust like FreshLook and AIR OPTIX Colors. AIR OPTIX Colors and FreshLook, both designed to create beautiful, natural-looking eyes, while providing healthy vision and consistent comfort throughout one’s wearing period have their own special wearing modalities. AIR OPTIX Colors is made up of proprietary silicone hydrogel material which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses; therefore they are perfect for LONG-HOUR WEAR. FreshLook on the otherhand, used the classic hydrogel material and is best for EVERYDAY WEAR.

What I love most about FreshLook and AIR OPTIX COLORS is that they give us the comfort, breathability, and beauty in one contact lens. Moreover, there are tons of colours to choose from with natural-looking shades ranging from subtle to vibrant.

AIR OPTIX COLORS Contact Lenses has an extensive color selection; from subtle enhancements (pure hazel, blue, green, grey and brown), or for bold and striking eyes (brilliant blue, gemstone green, honey and sterling grey).

FreshLook color selection includes amethyst, green, pure hazel, brown, gray and blue for a subtle look, and honey, sterling gray, gemstone green, brilliant blue for those who want to have striking eyes. FreshLook also comes in daily disposable contact lenses (pure hazel, blue, green and gray) and FreshLook Illuminate (rich brown and jet black) for those who just want to have brighter, bigger eyes.

with my co-blogger, Say

Celebrity actor and model, Alex Diaz hosted the event. He even entertained us by singing this song I got so LSS-ed to! (Forgot the song title tho) Ahhhh, never thought he had such a nice voice! *squeals*

Alex Diaz, Kathryn Bernardo, and Julia Montes on stage

Still in awe after meeting Dra. Jeanette Romualdez-Oo, Professional Affairs Consultant of Alcon Vision Care. She's such a lovely, humble person! <3

with achi Marj and Arisse

AIR OPTIX COLORS and FreshLook Color Contact Lenses are designed to enhance dark or light eyes and bring out one’s natural beauty. These lenses can be prescribed with or without vision correction. They are made with a unique, smooth surface and feature a technology that combines 3 colors -in -1 to blend naturally with the color of your eye. Filipino women can now choose to have AIR OPTIX Colors for Long Hour Wear or FreshLook for Everyday Wear depending on their lifestyle.

Backstage with the two beauties! I'm so starstruck! It seems like they become prettier each time I see them. Byebye, self-esteem. huhu jk. :))

Meanwhile on stage with Arisse while waiting for our turn for our group photo with other media and bloggers. Coincidentally having the same pose as JulKath (refer to photo above pic) Dopplegangers? hihi! :>

Now you can feel free to have fun, be beautiful and have healthy eyes with Air Optix Colors and FreshLook Color Contact Lenses. Remember, responsible contact lens wear equals happy, brighter, and healthier eyes! :)

Visit your local eye care professional for a fitting of AIR OPTIX COLORS Long Hour Wear or FreshLook Everyday Wear. You may also check out their online try-on tool, available HERE

For more information, follow AiroptixPH and FreshLookPH on Facebook and on Instagram. 

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh! You are so lucky to be in such big event and be part of them. I really wanted to go back to Philippines and start my blogging career seriously hehe. It's hard to connect with other fellow bloggers here in Thailand. I love your photos by the way.