Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hear to be Heard with the Audiofly Earphones

For musicians, music isn't just an outlet - it's an identity. And the Audiofly earphones help them propel that identity. If you ask these artists, every detail that goes into their craft needs to be paid with keen attention: every guitar lick and lyric should mesh into that kind of musical harmony that represents their very soul. It’s this kind of authenticity they create that sets them apart from the rest of cookie-cutter performers that swarm the mainstream music industry, ex- pressing their individuality through their songs.

Audiofly has been crafting tone for years, perfected for musicians by musicians. Hailing from Australia, Audiofly earphones allow the listener to rediscover their music with every speck of detail, exacting precision in sound clarity unlike any other. These earphones raise the bar when it comes to helping these artists listen and create music. 

The Audiofly earphones are designed to fit the true audiophile’s lifestyle with a deep love for music, and go beyond just “looking cool”. The result? Crystal clear, rich sound en- closed in vintage-inspired designs. 

These award-winning headphones capture every detail in one’s music flawlessly, with features such as noise isolation and custom-voiced dynamic drivers, that deliver smooth and powerful sound. Its clear-talk microphone feature also ensures distinct voice transmission, great for use with smart phones. 

Much like these independent artists who veer away from trends and know what they want, Audiofly pushes boundaries and bangs the drum for ultimate clarity in music. While other earphones on the market lure listeners in with their hip packaging, Audiofly goes beyond the surface. It’s the real deal!

Audiofly earphones are available in all Digital Walker stores. For more information, you may visit Digits and Digital Walker’s social media accounts.


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