Thursday, August 11, 2016

Get your Shopping Game Face On at Alabang Town Center’s Red Bucket Sale

Ready, set, grab! - because for the first time in Philippine shopping history, a grab-all you can shopping spree will be staged by Alabang Town Center (ATC) in a real-life shop-‘til-you-drop event. On August 20 and 21, ATC will mount the “Red Bucket Sale” where hard-core shoppers will be challenged to stuff as many clothes as they can into a single red bucket in 15 minutes.
As part of ATC’s much-awaited Paint the Town Red Sale, the Red Bucket Sale will feature over 20,000 items of clothing from both local and international brands from which shoppers can grab and shop at P3,500 per ticket available HERE. About a week ago, I was lucky to be invited with a few other bloggers for a "Warm Up Edition" of the Red Bucket Sale Challenge and guess what? I was able to stuff in 10 pieces of clothing inside the bucket! My friend, Maxine, finished hers off with 15! I know right? It's really unbelievable! But who knows? Maybe YOU can do better! So after the crazy experience, I summed up a few tips and tricks (which you can find at the latter part of this post) for you to conquer the challenge and make the best out of it leaving you feeling satisfied and getting your money's worth!

We're ready to take on the challenge!

Still befuddled about how the "Red Bucket Sale" works? Simple! On cue, 60 shoppers at a time can grab as much clothes as they can within the 15-minute time frame and fit these a single red bucket. Participating shops include GAP, Cotton On, Giordano, Rustan’s, Plains & Prints, Folded & Hung, Tally Weijl, Una Rosa, Cinderella, Seventeen, Mexx, Kashieca, Human, Miyagi & Co, Fresh Brand, The Perfect White Shirt, Fudge Rock, Get Laud, Metro, Collezione, & Old Navy.

As mentioned earlier, I was able to fit in 10 clothes in my bucket! I got a few nice tops, skirts, and dresses even! Eeeeep. Can't wait to wear them! Do follow me on Instagram as I will reveal the clothes I got through my #ootd posts. hihi :) #suspense

Wondering how I was able to stuff in so much clothes inside the bucket above? Here are some tips to consider before you start your shopping wave:

First, purchase your tickets early to make sure you get a slot for your preferred date and time. You can avail them HERE.

Second, be on time during your shopping wave as I heard from the organizers that late comers automatically lose their slot. (Awww. I'm sure you don't want that to happen to you.) Try to be at the venue at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before your time slot.

Third, keep calm and shop clean. Be courteous to your fellow shoppers. After all, it's supposed to be fun and not stressful.

Fourth, maximize your bucket (aka the ultimate goal of this challenge). Upon entering the room full of clothing racks, scan the items quickly, spot the ones you like, and take note of them. Once the timer starts, grab and go all the pieces you want! After visiting all the racks, go over your clothes and choose the ones you see fit. Know your size and your style. ;)

Fifth, get the clothes rolling. The bucket may seem small at first look but you'll be surprised how many clothing pieces can actually fit in inside. You just have to fold them properly and roll them as smallest and as thinnest as they can be. The key is to roll them like a sushi one by one and arrange them strategically in your bucket.

Sixth, when choosing items, keep in mind QUALITY over QUANTITY. Remember there's a no return no exchange policy for this event. That means, after you and your bucket’s contents finish at the verification table, there's no turning back or switching items.

Seventh, bring a friend! Shopping will be so much more fun with a fellow shopaholic to help you pick clothes you shortlisted and seal the bucket stuffed with clothes. 

And lastly, workout your shopping muscles, prepare your flats or running shoes, shop fair and get your shopping game face on!

For more information, check out Alabang Town Center on Facebook. Got any questions? Feel free to comment them below! :)


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