Friday, August 19, 2016

Mountain Dew Invites You to Vote Wisely for #DEWmocracy

Much like their iconic green bottle, Mountain Dew is making another historic mark by launching the country’s first ever DEWmocracy. With two new and exciting flavors, #DewBlueShock and #DewLivewire, they are inviting YOU to take a stand and let your voice be heard! In the end, your chosen flavor will remain.

Last week, I was invited to attend the launch these two limited-edition flavors. Known to be cool and stunning, Blue Shock is the Dew charged with Raspberry Citrus. It lets action do the talking and leaves you, well, in shock with a distinct raspeberry-like flavor that is unique to the taste of Filipinos. On the other hand, Livewire is the Dew with a blast of Orange. It’s loud and electrifying that it hypes the crowd before jumping. As an orange flavor, Filipinos are sure to like its taste of familiarity. 

Mountain Dew has always been known to champion innovation on all levels. Over the years, each campaign the DEW brand has created focuses on creativity, adventure, and passion, empowering each DEW drinker to embrace new experiences and try new things. From action sports to entertainment art to gaming. Mountain Dew is always on hand. 

Ramon Bautista, Team Leader for #DEWBlueShock
SAM YG, Team Leader for #DEWLivewire

Making the campaign more exciting are two of the country’s top influencers to lead each flavor to victory – Team Leader Ramon Bautista for Blue Shock and Team Leader SAM YG for Livewire. Hmm, whose team should I join? Can you help me decide?

Be heard and make your stand. Everyone has a voice. Are you #DewBlueShock or #DewLivewire? Vote now on Twitter and on Instagram to make your votes count. Voting period starts August 13 and voting will close on October 31. Let's exercise our right to suffrage. Voters of the winning flavour will have a chance to win a brand new pickup, perfect for your next wild adventure! So what are you waiting for? Vote NOW!

Make sure you to stay updated with DEWmocracy at Mountain Dew Philippines official Facebook Page and don't forget to follow them on Twitter as well!

P.S. Wanna know my vote? The answer's found on the first photo of this post. hehe! ;)


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