Friday, September 9, 2016

Are you a Beauty Addict?

I once read in a fashion magazine, "Finding the right fragrance is almost as hard as finding the right man." I laughed because I couldn't agree more. At first spritz you'd think you already found "the one", but later on you'd realize there's something wrong and it's just not the one for you. It's always trial and error. Oops, #hugot? haha! Being a #beautyaddict girl as I am, I always love trying out new scents and discovering new fragrances that match my style and personality. When Rustan’s The Beauty Source welcomed me with Historiae Perfume of History fragrance products along with bottles of Moet champagne, my groggy face caused by my recent business trip to Hong Kong suddenly lit up with a heart-melting smile.

 It was my first time to encounter the luxury brand Historiae Perfume of History. As the name implies, Historiae embodies the French culture through its line of products which include perfumes, perfumed soap, scented candles, and room fragrance. The package that came in my #bloggermail contained a Historiae perfume and a scented candle, both of which are available in Rustan's The Beauty Source

Bouquet du Trianon Perfume

Bouquet du Trianon's scent is inspired by Marie Antionette's experience at Petit Trianon, a chateau that served as a retreat from the palace to escape the etiquette of the court. "With its sensual floral and wooded scents, it expresses both the eclecticism and sophistication of Marie-Antoinette and subtlety evokes her personality."  I'm in love with this fragrance because it has a sophisticated scent that's not too overpowering. Choosing a perfume can be quite tricky since we don't want those kinds of scents that give us headaches, hives, or itchiness on the nose. I, myself, have a sensitivity to strong scents, which is why I need to be picky.  

Bouquet du Trianon Scented Candle 

Aside from perfume, Bouquet du Trianon also comes in the form of a scented candle! Don't you just love it in your room? It's like it has this power to easily transform the room into a refreshing, fragrant, and relaxing haven that enhances and lightens up one's mood.

In the same way that champagne-makers have their favorite, well-protected vinos, Historiae has its own distinguished French artisanal oils and blends made from higher quality ingredients to create potent blends that leave a more lasting smell and impression.

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