Thursday, November 3, 2016

Glow With Olay

I’m such a sucker for staycations and vacations! They allow me to take a breather from the usual routine of life. Exploring outside of the accustomed local scene just makes me feel refreshed, happy, and rejuvenated after! When Nuffnang invited me to a staycation to try out Olay’s new product together with other bloggers, I couldn’t hide the sense of anticipation that gushed through me. “OMG I’m sleeping over with my blogger friends at Manila Peninsula Hotel!”

A week before the main event, I was sent a formal invitation. Looking at the invite made me feel more excited about the upcoming event. I had no idea what’s going to happen, but I know for sure I’ll have so much fun.

I arrived at Manila Peninsula around 2:00pm. Nuffnang representatives greeted me at the lobby and assisted me in checking-in. 

Guess what? I’m so happy to share the room with my blogger BAEstie, Maxine Marcelino

So we went up to get settled in our room and freshen up a bit.

Since we got bored, we decided to take our #OOTDs before we were called for the program.

The main event was held at the Presidential suite of Manila Peninsula hotel. As we entered, we were asked to give a password, and it was “Olay.” The entire room was turned into Barbie’s dream house! My friends and I couldn’t help but feel so amazed as we walked through the pretty pink room with white sheepskin faux fur carpet that helped set the tone of the ambience. I swear if it were my room, I wouldn’t mind staying in all day. HAHA! 

Everyone was wearing pink and white outfits to match the color scheme of the brand. I wore a pink lace dress from Hip Culture and paired it with my new jelly sandals from Petite Jolie.

Below are the highlights of the event.

With this pretty buffet table right in front of us, we happily ate and drank the entire afternoon. My favorite part was we got to customize our milkshakes and choose the toppings from a variety of selections at the buffet table. Ahhh! It was really sweet and refreshing!

When the program started, we were all seated in the living room of the Presidential suite. Host, Karla Aguas, was so thrilled to introduce to all of us the newest endorser of Olay Body who’s none other than the goddess of beauty, *drum roll please*..  Liza Soberano. Unfortunately, Liza couldn’t make it to the event so they just flashed a video of Liza telling us how happy she is to be part of the Olay family. To add to that, they made us watch Olay Skin Whitening Body Wash commercial (which be released soon on television) that made me say “wow” because based on the TVC, the product reaped benefits of both whitening and moisturizing! Amazing isn’t it?

We also got to know the team behind Olay Whitening Body Wash. These are the people who have been working so hard to be able to execute a seamless launch. Congrats again and cheers!

with my beautiful blogger friends: Kally, Maxine, and Rochelle

After which, there were activities prepared for us including a mani-pedi session, a spa, and a quick body massage care of my go-to nail salon, Posh Nails!

And then, we headed back to our hotel rooms to freshen up and bathe using Olay Skin Whitening Body Wash. Here’s the thing, to be honest I'm almost always hesitant to use whitening products because I have dry and sensitive skin, and I feel that using whitening products would dry out my skin even more. But to my surprise, compared to other whitening products, Olay Body Wash didn't dry my skin after I used it! In fact, it kept my skin soft and moisturized that I didn't have to put on lotion anymore before going to bed. Moreover, I really love the fresh, floral scent of Olay Skin Whitening Body Wash! It’s soo.. me! After my bathing experience, I personally recommend this product to Filipinas who wish to achieve a NATURAL rosy glow for their skin. 

#GlowWithOlay and try the new Olay Skin Whitening Body Wash too through an exclusive pre-sale on Zalora starting Novemeber 4!

Ending this post with crazy photos of me and my friends that night to spread smiles and some good vibes! :)


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