Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finally Found My Sole Mate

Unlike most women who dread wearing high heels with the thought of having their feet tortured and abused, I love slipping into pumps or stilettos. The reason for it (if it isn’t pretty obvious) is that they elongate my legs making me look taller, more polished, and more feminine. There are just some dresses that look better with a pair of heels don’t you think? Also, being just a little over 5’2, high heels are an instant confident boost. I wear them almost daily when I’m out of the house.
However, there are those days when I feel lazy and I want to dress down and be a bit more comfortable. Ditching my heels for a trusty pair of flats would be a good idea especially during weekends. When it comes to flats, finding the right fit is not always an easy feat and I thought I'd share with you my current favourite pair from Yosi Samra.

Yosi Samra is a New York footwear brand known for its classic foldable ballet flats. Ever since I got my first pair of rose gold ballet flats from Yosi Samra, they have become my everyday fallback ballet flats! They're super comfortable and I like how they're compact enough for me to slip them in my bag and change to them whenever I feel like it.

Recently, they launched Yosi Samra 2.0 #YSElevated taking ballet flats to the next level with memory foam feature that ensures greater comfort for our soles. I, together with other bloggers, were lucky enough to get a first look at their newest collection. When I first laid my eyes on them (rose gold ballet flats), I knew I had to own one. Something deep inside just tells me, this is the perfect one for me. This is the "right one". lol!

Team Rose Gold

The price range of Yosi Samra flats are Php 2,595 to Php 2,895 for kids and Php 3,595 to Php 4,595 for women. You may think it’s a bit pricey but splurging on a good pair of flats would save you big over time, instead of buying low-quality cheap soles that need to be replaced from time to time. Believe me, been there, done that. ;)

Showing off our new flats! With Marj Sia, Rochelle Abella, and Sophie Ramos
Shoe shopping with my blogger besties! (Rochelle Abella, Maxine Marcelino, Sophie Ramos, and Kally Araneta)

So happy with our new ballet flats! Thank you, Yosi Samra! <3 #YSElevated

With Yosi Samra's foldable ballet flats, I have found my sole mate.


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