Monday, February 27, 2017

Lash in Bloom by Browhaus

Having sweeping lashes at birth is not something we are all blessed with and sadly, like most Asian women, I have naturally thin and short lashes - almost non-existent actually. Good thing, there are quite a number of beauty fixes to make our eyelashes appear long and beautiful! The most basic trick can be found in every girl's makeup kit: eyelash curler + mascara. It's a super easy, no-brainer process. Just give your lashes a few quick swipes and you're good to go! Second is by applying false lashes to achieve more voluminous lashes to enhance our gaze. Because of the hassle of properly gluing them to my lash line, I usually wear them on special occasions only. Lastly, to free ourselves from the inconvenience of applying falsies, there's this option called lash extensions. Recently, I tried Lash in Bloom service by Browhaus. My experience? Read more to know about it!

I remember when I had my first lash extensions, I was so hesitant to try it. "Is it safe?", "Will it hurt?", "Will it feel heavy?", "Will my natural lashes fall off after?", "How will I take a shower with extensions?" These questions popped into my head. That's why I make sure to find a lash salon who's an expert at it just like Browhaus. After all, we can't just have lash extensions in any random salon on a whim. 

Now, why should I trust Browhaus?

Browhaus is a one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but also style. Their specialists are very well trained and knowledgable in applying extensions. They use imported premium lashes that are customizable (depending on one's eyes/ eye lashes) and enhances one's eyes in a fairly quick process that takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

It was my first time to visit their newest branch in Rockwell and I love the cozy vibe and interior of the salon. There were only three bays (rooms) and so I have to wait for my turn since I came in earlier than my appointment. Maybe I was so excited to have my lash extensions (hehe!)

Lash in Bloom (Php 3,800) is a semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are applied individually by hand to give a fuller, longer, and natural looking lashes. Using fine quality, lightweight individual lash, the length and density of the lashes can be customized to create the perfect set of lashes to frame one's eyes.


When the technician approached me in the waiting area, she made me choose between three different styles of Lash in Bloom: Simple, Barbie, or Cat's Eye. Since I'm an indecisive person, I just followed what she recommended which is the "Barbie" look wherein the middle part would have the longest part and the inner and outer ends would have the normal length. Sounds nice to me. Hope I'll look like a barbie doll after. lol! :))


Each single strand lash was tabbed closely to my lash line. The application process was painless. I even fell asleep the entire time and just like that.. 

#Iwokeuplikethis. ;)



What I love most about Browhaus eyelash extension service is that aside from making my eyes look bigger, they look so pretty and natural. People don't know they're extensions until I tell them. They're also very lightweight and comfortable. You can't see any clumps of glue or anything like that. Moreover, they're very durable too unlike other lash extensions. With proper care and occasional tune-ups, they can last for 4-6 weeks.

How do I like my lashes? I LOVE them! Having long lashes means less make up for me. While being a blogger requires me to attend events from time to time and it is expected of us to appear presentable and to look like a "blogger" with the help of our stylish clothes and makeup. With my lash extensions, I don't have to wear that much makeup. It has cut my makeup routine half, not to mention saving money on mascara. I can just fix my brows, put on lipstick and I'm ready to head out! 

Want to also get a long, full lashes that would make your eyes pop? Visit any of their following branches: Serendra, BGC, Greenbelt 5, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Abreeza Davao, Mega Fashion Hall, and Power Plant Mall. 

If you don't plan on keeping them, just give them a try and it might just change your mind. ;)

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