Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chill At Home with Globe Streamwatch

Christmas is indeed one of the busiest time of the year. We look forward to tons of shopping and gatherings left and right. Amidst all these, I think that Christmas is also the perfect time to slow down and relax after a year's worth of hardwork - whether it be an out of town trip, abroad or at home. With Globe Streamwatch, a Roku powered portable streaming stick, we can enjoy the latest entertainment inside our own abode.

Globe At Home is giving us, Filipinos, even more ways to enjoy the latest in entertainment with the launch of its Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered™ device. The first Roku powered streaming stick in the Philippines, Globe Streamwatch lets users watch a variety of content across 100+ free channels in different categories including sports, lifestyle, travel and more.

It comes with a simple remote control with dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, YouTube, and HOOQ. From the channel store, users can choose from an additional 100 streaming channels to add to their personalized home screen. Customers can also download the Streamwatch app for free on Google Playstore and App Store to convert their mobile phones to a remote.

Globe At Home has also collaborated with FOX Networks Group to offer viewers its newly launched video-streaming service FOX+. Customers can access the latest TV series such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and S.W.A.T; first-run Hollywood blockbusters including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Hacksaw Ridge and Assassin's Creed; live sports such as Formula One® and LPGA and thrilling documentaries such as The Long Road Home in addition to a large back catalogue and library of world-class content. Soon customers will be able to enjoy FOX+ on Globe Streamwatch.

The Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered™ device is exclusively available through Globe At Home broadband plans 1299 and up for an introductory offer of an additional P50 for 24 months or a one-time payment of P999. The plans also comes with three-month access to top streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, and HOOQ.

Globe Streamwatch can be best enjoyed with a Globe At Home plan. To know more and order the new Globe Streamwatch, visit shop.globe.com.ph/streamwatch


  1. ung tv ndi nakasaksak, pls do an flawless article nxt time, you're a cutie tho

  2. I believe, that all people like to spend a good time at home. At home, there is always kind and warm atmosphere. It always makes you calm.